Mcdonalds 101 Dalmatians Complete Set

McDonald’s 101 Dalmatians Complete Set

McDonald’s launched their Happy Meals Toy Collections program in 1996 and since then have included Disney’s 101 Dalmatians figurines with each meal as a collectible item, valued from between $65+s/h for an incomplete set to over $120 for mint condition sets in their bags with COAs. These toys remain highly sought-after collectibles. In 1996 McDonald’s introduced toys from their Happy Meal series of Disney 101 Dalmatians movie for collection with their Happy Meals Toy Collection program; collectors frequently sought these sets from its Happy Meal offerings – in particular Disney 101 Dalmatians figurines were included with each Happy Meal offering them out of bags from within their bags with COA included as part of this promotion. These toys became highly collectible; collectors actively sought after sets with original packaging from McDonalds which featured as part of the Happy Meal toys program in 1996 when McDonalds started including toys from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians movie into its Happy Meal Toy Program; collectors began seeking these figurines which made available with each Happy Meal, such as figurines from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians movie figurines which included figurines featuring figurines featuring Disney characters from this movie series of movie as Disney collectible set for price of anywhere between $65 + shipping for sets without missing pieces and bad packaging up until $120 + shipping charges for an unmint set out of bags with COA certification from Collectors!

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