Matthew Mendler

Matthew Mendler Found Dead in Manor, Pennsylvania

Missing 19-year-old Millersville University student Matthew Mendler has been found dead in Manor, Pennsylvania. Matthew was last seen walking to the parking garage on Tuesday evening. He was last seen wearing a black backpack, jeans, and a white hoodie with black stripes. His mother was informed of his disappearance. The university police have been in touch with her. The investigation is ongoing. The University police are coordinating with his family.

Matthew Mindler, in his final moments of life, posed for a suicide notice. His body was found near the campus of the College of Pennsylvania, near the Lancaster office of the Coroner County. Although investigators are still unable to pinpoint the exact location of the remains yet, they were found near the college campus. The University offered its condolences for his family. The forensics team is working to determine how he died.

Millersville University’s president posted a tweet about Matthew Mendler’s disappearance. The college posted several photos of the student, and asked for anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact the university. Matthew Mendler was last seen wearing a white sweater, black pants, and a black sweatshirt. His body was found in Manor Township, just five miles from the campus. The police are working to identify the person responsible for his death.

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