Mary Kay Perry Designs

Mary Kay Perry Designs

Mary Kay Perry Designs is an American company specializing in design services. The company was founded in Grass Valley, California, and currently employs three people. In the words of a spokesperson, the name of the game is to provide innovative and affordable products to the giddy and hedonistic. As a consumer, I’ve been impressed with the quality of the products and the enthusiasm of the staff.

In short, the company is a hit. While many cosmetic companies struggle to get off the ground, Mary Kay has a track record of making their mark. For example, their “Amazing” cosmetics line is one of the hottest on the market. They also are known for their cutting edge skin care and color cosmetics. Of course, being a cosmetics company, they’re always looking for new ways to improve their offerings. This, in turn, allows them to create innovative skin care solutions for even the most discerning of customers.

A quick perusal of the company website will tell you that the Mary Kay is a big player in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Moreover, they have a longstanding relationship with Lifetime’s “Project Runway” reality show. On top of that, their products are sold in nearly 40 countries. If you’re in the market for some high-end beauty products, be sure to check out their site and ask for your free catalog.

Mary Kay, arguably, was the first lady of cosmetics. In addition to her stellar career as a celebrity makeup artist, she also worked at Rollins Hosiery Mill in Des Moines and the Ordnance Plant in Ankeny. She also was a member of the “Birthday Club,” and was an avid gardener. Despite her hectic schedule, she found time to spend time with her grandchildren.

With the ever-expanding global population, a little nifty little beauty product could go a long way in ensuring that each of us looks and feels our best. It’s no wonder that the company boasts an annual revenue of over $50 million. Likewise, the company has a solid track record of donating millions of dollars to charitable causes. To name just a few: Mary Kay Foundation, a nonprofit based in Grass Valley, California, donates more than a third of its total funds to domestic violence organizations. During Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, the foundation awards $20,000 in grants to local organizations to fight the good fight.

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