Marriage Alliance For Revenge Spoiler

Marriage Alliance For Revenge Spoiler

Qalagon Kingdom has long experienced conflict between its royal family and other families. To bring peace, an alliance marriage was arranged between Crown Prince of Qalagon and Princess of Jerivia – however an assassination attempt on Princess leaves her severely injured, leaving her in a coma. A female Army Commander from Jerivia Kingdom was then assigned the task of impersonating Princess for fulfilment of alliance marriage – but with ulterior motives against Emperor.

Lucas Viterpan, her ex-fiance and the true heir of the empire, comes back into her life and helps in her fight for revenge against Imperials who want what’s theirs despite Briella and Lucas having their true intentions hidden from view. But as justice requires sacrifices from everyone involved – Briella must outwit scheming Imperials while remaining true to themselves while getting what’s theirs!

Revenge’s third season premiered on September 29th 2013, consisting of 24 episodes with each airing for one hour. Produced by ABC Studios and featuring Emily VanCamp as Victoria Grayson alongside Joshua Bowman (Declan Porter) and Ashley Madekwe (Isabelle Carmichael). Michael D. Cohen and Jess Weixler serve as showrunners and executive producers respectively.

Revenge has received wide-spread praise for its intricate character dynamics and plot twists, along with its stylized fight scenes and costume design. Revenge also earned critical acclaim for its depiction of sexual violence including domestic abuse and suicide, garnering 10.4 million viewers per episode on average and over 20 million for its series finale alone!

Spoiler Alert: Marriage Alliance for Revenge

Empress Olivia falls prey to her husband’s scheme and dies due to it, yet finds hope when she wakes up as Briella living in poverty in the slums. Determined to seek justice against those responsible, Briella joins Lucas again and plans against Emperor’s Tyranny with him but their plan fails. But can this manga about romance, tragedy and revenge succeed? Featuring beautiful illustrations and intricate plotlines this manhwa is must read for fans of romance, revenge and fantasy alike!

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