Mark Towfiq Net Worth

Mark Towfiq Net Worth – Case Filed Against Bill Gross

Mark Towfiq is involved in a dispute with neighbor Bill Gross over an art sculpture. The two have been feuding since the spring of 2020. Towfiq claims that Bill Gross is harassing him. He wants to get Bill Gross in contempt of court. He believes that Gross is causing him emotional distress. He also wants to end the loud music outside his home.

According to the case file, Towfiq and his wife, Carol Nakahara, rented the home for HBO’s Ballers episode. The couple argued that Towfiq’s behavior was not appropriate. When police arrived to take the report, they were greeted by no charges. The couple is also accused of trying to drive them from their house. They were allowed to display their art in a modified location, but they must use protective cover.

Towfiq is suing Gross for harassment. He claimed that Gross started playing music too loudly, and that it was disturbing him. Towfiq also complained about the netting that surrounds the sculpture. He argues that it is unsightly. The couple is barred from entering the yard within five yards of the Grosses, and must stay away from their property. Neither Towfiq nor Nakahara can come near the home unless they are in connection with legal proceedings.

In December, a judge issued a three-year restraining order against the Grosses, ordering them not to play any music inside or outside the yard. They are also ordered not to harass their neighbors. When Grosses refused to obey the order, the couple filed a lawsuit against them. The trial attorney plans to appeal the ruling. During the hearing, the couple presented videos from their security camera and cellphone. They also told the judge that Gross had played a song at an unreasonably high volume.

The trial is now set to begin. The judge plans to visit both homes. The Grosses have offered to remove some outdoor speakers. They have also offered to reduce the level of their music. The judge will decide if a permanent order is needed. If one isn’t in place, the Grosses could be put in jail.

The couple is hoping to win this fight. They have already had several court hearings, but have yet to win. The couple also is arguing that they were cheated out of $50,000 of damages and that the restraining order is unfair. They want a seven-foot umbrella height restriction, but Judge Knill said that they were “petty” and that it wasn’t necessary for her to step in.

In addition to the lawsuit, Towfiq and Nakahara are also requesting that they be barred from going into the yard if they are not in a relationship. They are also barred from coming into the yard with a dog or cat. They are also required to announce their plans to their neighbors.

The couple is also claiming that they are being harassed at all hours of the day. In addition to the harassment, the pair are also seeking a permanent restraining order. Towfiq also is claiming that Gross has a phobia about the Pacific Ocean. He also said that the couple is attempting to drive him and his wife from their house.

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