Mark Leblanc Climber

Mark LeBlanc – Climber, Journalist, and Podcast Host

The name “Mark LeBlanc” suggests that the climber has an athletic background. He currently resides in Utah with his family. LeBlanc fell inlove with the mountains as a child and has been going back to them ever since. His love for the mountains extends to his wife. LeBlanc recently started a podcast called Chasing Aces, where he interviews successful individuals about their adventures.

A journalist, Leblanc began his career writing and filming about sports and outdoor adventure. Leblanc was a columnist at CBC and Wild-TV and also worked as a filmmaker in the sports industry. Gadd was a natural host and saw Leblanc as a great storyteller. The show’s structure is designed to encourage viewers to climb more. Leblanc, an accomplished public speaker, has also written and spoken about his experiences in his own books.

During the record-breaking expedition, Nims’ stricken climber was rescued by Project Possible, which broke the world’s speed record. Nims’ feat required skill, risk, and sheer luck. At the time, he had little support. Nims, a former British Special Forces officer, was unknown in the climbing community and was not well-known before his mission.

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