Mariah Carey Fantasy Piano

Mariah Carey Fantasy Piano Masterclass

Mariah Carey’s voice has long been held up as the standard for other pop singers to measure themselves against. With her 1990 debut single Vision of Love, Mariah established melisma singing styles such as her signature melisma tone that became iconic throughout popular music from Adele and Sam Smith to Bruno Mars and beyond.

Daydream was Mariah Carey’s 1995 release that showed some of her most sublime pop songcraft while moving away from the saccharine and syrupy image that her critics often accused her of projecting. Some of its most revealing tracks included those which challenged traditional Mariah Carey song forms; these included “Babydoll,” an emotive side-of-the-mouth ballad that asked for both sweetness and sensuality, while “Underneath the Stars” conjured images of 1970s R&B greats like Minnie Riperton with vinyl crackle.

While much of this MasterClass centers around singing lessons, there’s also plenty of insight into how Mariah composes her music. One lesson specifically on backing vocals proved particularly insightful; Mariah collaborated with backup singer Brandi to rework an older track called The Roof to demonstrate just how backing vocals can alter its course completely.

MasterClass courses provide an incredible insight into Mariah Carey’s own career journey, offering every lesson with personal anecdotes that bring her story alive as an illustration for various concepts from songwriting and production, through backing vocals. Mariah offers unique insight into what happens at the top of one’s game – providing students with invaluable lessons from someone at the center of it all!

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