Maria Elena Salinas Daughters

Maria Elena Salinas – Empowering People Through Journalism

Maria Elena Salinas has earned the respect of more world leaders, dictators and political figures than any female journalist in history. She has covered countless Superpower Summits, armed conflicts and natural disasters alike – just to name a few!

She has been a journalist for three decades and is currently an anchor and news magazine host on Univision Network, earning her numerous accolades and awards including the Peabody Award. Additionally, she founded the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and sponsors the Maria Elena Salinas Scholarship to college students interested in Spanish news broadcasting.

As a Latina, she is proud of her heritage and works to empower people through journalism. Her advocacy work has had an immense impact on countless individuals’ lives – in health issues, education issues and civic engagement – to name just a few. Furthermore, she serves as spokesperson for NAELEOEO’s “Ya Es Hora” initiative which encourages immigrants to vote.

Her passion for the profession shines through in her daily routine and dedication to creating positive change within communities. As an outspoken supporter of the #MeToo movement, she has spoken at numerous women’s organizations nationwide such as She Works and Smithsonian’s American Women’s Initiative.

She is also a volunteer for the National Association of Latino Elected And Appointed Officials, American Red Cross, International Rescue Committee and other humanitarian and community organizations. For her efforts to empower people throughout America as well as 18 Latin American nations, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame of National Association of Hispanic Journalists in 2006.

Maria Elena Salinas, a Peabody award-winning anchor and influential journalist in America, is well known and admired. She serves as both The New York Times’ “Voice of Hispanic America” and a contributor for CBS News.

Her career has encompassed a broad spectrum of global events, from presidential elections in the United States and Latin America to Superpower Summits, armed conflicts and Natural Disasters. Additionally, she has interviewed numerous heads of state as well as renowned entertainers.

She is an independent journalist and the principal of MES Multi-Media LLC. She hosts and executive produces the television program “The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas” on Investigation Discovery.

Her husband is Eliel Rodriguez and they have two daughters, Alexandra and Gabriela. Divorced in 2007, Alexandra filed for divorce.

Reports indicate she is a hardworking and busy single mother. She regularly updates her social media pages with pictures of her daughters, ensuring they are contented and healthy.

Maria Elena Salinas has achieved great success in journalism, but that has not stopped her from being a strong and loving mother to her daughters. She strives to give them every opportunity for success while taking time out to love on them as much as possible.

As an accomplished journalist and philanthropist, she has provided scholarships to hundreds of students through the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. As founder of this organization, she was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2006.

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