Man Found Dead In Okc Today

A Man Found Dead in OK Today

Today in Oklahoma City a body was discovered which appeared to have died due to an apparent head wound. Police report that someone saw and called them about it. At present it remains unclear whether or not this act of violence was self-inflicted.

Jack Grimes of Turley, Oklahoma has been identified after deputies were informed of his remains on Sunday by Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office deputies. Their investigation indicates they are suspecting it as possible homicide.

Tulsa County deputies responded to his home in Turley on Sunday morning around 8:30 AM after hearing reports that he was missing and set up a perimeter in order to investigate, according to Tulsa County Sheriff Office officials.

Tulsa police dive team and Oklahoma medical examiner’s office have now recovered a body from Owen Park Pond. Sgt. Dave Walker reports that someone walking their dog saw it and called police; Sgt. Walker noted the body appeared to have recently entered the pond as it showed trauma marks on its face but had likely only been there a short while before discovery by Tulsa police dive team and OME.

Authorities suspect a man may have died from an overdose of fentanyl on Friday and that his companion who supplied it is now facing murder charges for providing her with such medication.

Stay tuned with News On 6 for updates to this story as it develops.

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