Luzette Sarcone

Luzette Sarcone

Luzette Sarcone was the ex-wife of Tony La Russa, a former baseball manager. She has kept a private life despite her famous husband. From 1978 to 1986, her husband was the Chicago White Sox manager. After that, he was the manager of the Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals. Sarcone, in her memoir, says she misses her husband, who was her main supporter.

Luzette Sarcone was born in 1945 in Tampa, Florida. Tony La Russa, her husband, married her in 1965. They have two daughters. However, after eight years, they divorced. The former couple still had full custody of their children. Luzette Sarcone currently coaches baseball. According to reports, her two daughters now live in the United States. Public battle for custody of the children erupted after the couple divorced.

In La Russa’s divorce case, the documents do not mention child support or long-term alimony. Luzette’s lawyer claimed in a separate dispute that her client offered to pay counseling sessions for her daughters. Luzette Sarcone, her daughters, and their lawyer deny this claim. Their attorney also denied that Sarcone offered to pay for therapy sessions for Andrea and Averie. Luzette Sarcone claims that the offer to cover counseling sessions was made in good faith.

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