Louis Vuitton Chocolate Box

The Louis Vuitton Chocolate Box

The Louis Vuitton chocolate box is the ideal way to spoil yourself or someone special. Featuring an array of bars in various shapes and sizes that have been handpicked by our experts, you are guaranteed to be delighted by both their taste and design.

These make the ideal gifts for all special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas! Your recipients are sure to cherish them for years to come.

There is a wide selection of chocolates to choose from, such as classic and delicious Godiva Belgian Chocolates to more exotic Guylian Seashells filled with roasted hazelnut pralines or Belgian Dark Chocolate and Almond Truffles. Additionally, iconic European brands like Neuhaus will surely please any chocolate enthusiast.

This gift box makes an ideal present for any special occasion and you can customize the contents with an additional item of your choice. At only $19.99 plus free shipping, there’s no reason not to give this wonderful present!

When shopping for a Louis Vuitton bag, one important aspect to look out for is the packaging. Genuine packaging will always have a label stating “Louis Vuitton” and be stamped with its date code. If you are uncertain of its authenticity, use this Louis Vuitton date code checker to get more details and confirm its genuine status.

One of the primary ways to distinguish a fake from genuine bag is by inspecting its exterior print and pattern. This especially holds true if the backpack has been used and shows signs of wear such as faded leather, cracking, or holes in its fabric.

It is essential to note the colour of a faux bag is slightly darker than an authentic one; this could be indicative of its fake status. Furthermore, the ‘Louis Vuitton’ printed on the dust bag was incorrect, appearing too light and not as soft as an authentic Louis Vuitton dust bag would be.

The LV Dream cafe in Paris is a new cultural and culinary destination, featuring an exhibition on the label’s past collaborations, as well as a cafe and chocolate shop designed by Maxime Frederic. This tranquil space has been designed with tropical plants and muted tones throughout for maximum relaxation.

Similarly, the chocolaterie is designed as a modern interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s motif with an arched counter made out of natural oak. Here you’ll find treats like chocolate bars shaped like Damier bags, Vivienne satchels and Monogram candies as well as other treats sure to please any Louis Vuitton enthusiast.

Though most of the items in this box are not produced by LV, several brands have partnered with them. One such brand is Pierre Marcolini – renowned for their high quality Belgian chocolates sold in some of the world’s most luxurious shops.

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