Lock The Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

Lock the Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

If your kiddo loves causing a little mayhem, they’ll love this officially licensed Disney lock the nightmare before christmas costume. It includes a red shirt that’s printed with a diabolical design that extends down the pants. A pointy tail on the back of the shirt is a neat touch that also adds to the look. Don’t forget to don the mask, which is made from stiff foam and will let your child imitate Lock’s ghastly grin.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween and Christmas classic that has won the hearts of generations. It features a host of characters like Jack Skellington, Sally, the Mayor of Halloween Town and Oogie Boogie. You can even dress up the whole family to recreate your favorite moments from the film!

When it comes to pranks and pranksters, the trick or treaters of Halloween Town aren’t your typical kids. While many kids can be a bit naughty from time to time, a few are genuinely heartless little devils. Lock, Shock and Barrel are three of the most notable secondary antagonists in the film and they are not afraid to cause a little mayhem to keep Oogie Boogie off their backs!

They are also one of the most memorable characters in Tim Burton’s classic. If you’re looking to relive some of the magic of this iconic movie, consider dressing up as any of these henchmen for a fun-filled evening in and around Halloween Town.

Best of all, this officially licensed Disney Lock the nightmare before christmas costume is sure to make you look and feel the part! The red shirt is the star of the show, but you’ll want to get a pair of the matching pants as well. They have the same print as the top, and a wire-supported pointy tail on the back of the pants is a cool addition.

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