Loci Rc Car

Losi RC Car Review

Losi is one of the first mass-produced RC cars. The company was started in Southern California back in 1980 and makes many different types of vehicles. Its RC cars have a reputation for being fun and well-made. Its other products include desert trucks, short course buggies, rock racers, and truggies. Its reputation for quality and durability has earned it a large following of devoted fans.

Losi RC cars are highly detailed replicas of real-world racecars. They offer precise body detail and a variety of performance options. They are designed to perform well on any RC track, and can be tuned to the desired handling and speed. These RC cars are great for both beginners and more experienced RC racers.

The Losi brand was originally geared towards competitive racing. Its groundbreaking 8IGHT platform set the standard for the 1/8th racing industry. Losi began to develop its own line specialized RC cars after it outperformed the hobby-grade car. The company used proprietary materials to make their cars and drew inspiration from full-scale racing.

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