Linda Blair Exorcist Costume

Linda Blair in The Exorcist II

Linda Blair established herself as one of the most iconic child actresses ever after portraying Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist and making headlines worldwide with her performance, still an astounding example of innocence corrupted by outside forces. Over the past four decades since then, Blair has appeared in various horror and family drama movies alike but none have come close to matching up to its success and fame.

As part of her upcoming horror sequel The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Blair will return as Emily (Lisa Bonet). We take a look back at some other horror and family movies she’s appeared in since becoming an adult actor.

William Peter Blatty followed up the success of The Exorcist with this sequel film about Regan and her battle against demons, featuring Linda Blair as she battles them as an adult. Regan now lives with her guardian and sees an hypnotic research specialist (Louise Fletcher).

Four years have passed since the events of The Exorcist. Regan, now seventeen, appears to be living a normal teenage life – until one night when she begins experiencing strange visions from Pazuzu. Father Merrin and Father Karras must perform an exorcism to rid Regan of this possession.

This Deluxe Rubber Costume Mask, signed by Linda Blair herself – Linda was the original possessed daughter! – includes both a Schwartz Sports Hologram and COA to ensure its authenticity.

Blair as Regan stands out in this film due to her ability to portray both physical and emotional strain caused by possession. Mercedes McCambridge gives Regan her demonic voice that truly chills you; Ellen Burstyn as Chris and Max von Sydow as Merrin also give strong performances.

Though not as great as The Exorcist, The Rite remains an enjoyable horror romp that should please fans of its predecessor. There are some funny moments and an ensemble cast; however, towards the end, some jokes don’t land quite right and others come off unintentionally funny (e.g. a scene where Blair attempts to feed her children pea soup is less-than-entertaining).

Horror genre fans and Blair fans should definitely check this film out, as its cast is outstanding and Blair gives an outstanding performance that helps make this worth watching. While not his most notable role to date, this enjoyable flick should not be overlooked!

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