Lili Reinhart And Wallis Day

Lili Reinhart and Wallis Day Are Dating?

Fans are increasingly suspicious that The CW stars may be dating after seeing them often hanging out together recently.

Lili Reinhart and Wallis Day may or may not be dating (neither has confirmed it publicly), but both actresses have been hanging out frequently, sharing many Instagram Stories together and occasionally hanging out together at events.

Wallis posted several stories wherein she wished Lili a happy birthday and included heart emojis – leading one to conclude that the two actors are romantically involved.

Fans have long suspected the two as romantic partners; they have been seen kissing publicly multiple times and taking romantic vacations together, with one including Hawaii in 2016. Furthermore, they were seen together frequently at Rivercon, a three-day Riverdale fan convention which occurred over Labor Day weekend this year and appeared close during that weekend.

Reinhart and Day are known for their advocacy work in support of LGBTQ+ rights, so it makes sense that they would become close off-screen. Reinhart has spoken openly about her activism being the reason she came out as bisexual: “[My activism] inspired me to come out… It was my desire to serve as an example for young people experiencing similar anxieties that led me to remain silent regarding my sexual orientation for so long.

Wallis herself is an activist: she believes it is her duty to fight for justice and has made this clear in many interviews and speeches. Additionally, Wallis has shown strong support for Black Lives Matter as well as discrimination against disabled individuals; furthermore she advocates strongly for women’s rights by speaking out against domestic violence and sexual assault.

Although they have an ongoing friendship, neither star has discussed their personal lives publicly; however, their behavior off-screen and through shared photos suggest they’re an intimate and loving couple in real life.

On October 10, Riverdale will debut its sixth season and we can expect to witness how its stars fare as Betty Cooper and Bughead when it airs.

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse recently reconciled after their breakup, yet have remained very private about their personal lives since. Both actors appear to be doing very well in their respective careers right now; with so much love between them it seems likely that they’ll make it through this tough period! Let’s hope they do so – we wish them success!

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