Lil Baby Ape Rarity

The Lil Baby Ape and Its Rarity

The lil baby ape is a rare animal. There are only a few hundred known apes. They were first discovered in China. They are still very rare. Urban legends even claim that black people used to go to golf courses with orange jam on their heads to repel flies. But, the main reason why apes are so rare is because of the human connection.

The creation of this rare and coveted animal is a perfect example of the Lil Baby Ape Club 3D. This generative collection includes more than 5,000 Baby Apes, ready to rule the Metaverse. With the right potion, the babies can even grow to full-sized apes. And unlike a real ape, the Baby Ape Club 3D’s ownership is recorded on the blockchain so it can never be changed or lost.

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