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My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Trips With Lennie Alehat

My Big Fat Fabulous Life follows Whitney Thore as she struggles with both her weight and romantic life. The reality TV series documents her efforts to maintain her dance career and find love in an increasingly competitive dating world, plus it includes friends and family members. Some of the show’s most popular episodes focus on trips the cast takes together.

Lennie Alehat

On Season 2 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney began dating Lennie. He was an accomplished artist with a large social media following. Despite their relationship ending, they remained close friends – although things didn’t quite work out as planned during their time together.

Though they have been friends for years, fans still can’t quite make out whether Whitney still has feelings for her former flame. With all this said, Lennie even helped Whitney with her online fitness videos. Fans are curious to see how their relationship develops over time and speculate whether Whitney still has feelings for him.

Lennie’s Instagram

As an artist, Lennie frequently posts photographs to his social media platforms. Here his followers can see his latest works and request specific pieces. Additionally, he is passionate about animals and enjoys posting pictures of his pup Waldo on his page.

He also has a small studio where he paints. You can check out his artwork on his Instagram page, and you can request an artwork by sending him a direct message.

On a recent episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney asked Lennie for help painting a wall in her No BS Active studio. As someone with impeccable professionalism and great handyman skills, Lennie seemed like the ideal choice for the job.

The artist and his former flame have had a complicated relationship, yet it appears they’ve moved past it. It remains uncertain how they will continue their friendship while still working together professionally; however, fans eagerly await to see where this all ends up.

On the next episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney and Lennie embark on a jet skiing trip in Saint Lucia. Although Whitney initially struggles, she soon gains confidence. Lennie expresses concern about how powerful a jet ski can be; he also suggests that she should’ve bought a larger model.

He does have a good laugh about her weight, however. Some viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life find the comment amusing while others find it slightly odd. One person said they’re glad he can make light of his past struggles with alcohol.

In 2015, they briefly began dating each other but ultimately broke up. Though they had great chemistry and seemed like they’d make a great couple, their romance quickly fizzled out.

Lennie is back on My Big Fat Fabulous Life after an extended absence, leaving fans perplexed about his presence. He is helping Whitney with her workouts for No BS Active, though their chemistry has caused some stir among viewers.

They have also been seen kissing on the beach, which some believe to be a sign that they may be getting back together.

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