Lego Cars 2

The New Lego Cars 2 Series

Lego Cars is a series of construction toys that are based on the Cars film franchise from Pixar and Disney. The Duplo theme introduced the theme for the first time in 2010. The film inspired the development of sub-themes that were called Lego Cars.

This new line includes a wide range of playable characters from the film. Fans will be able build Doc Hudson and Guido Fillmore. They can also build the characters Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Red. These sets can be used with traditional Lego bricks, and are suitable for children aged 2-5 years old.

Duplo sets are also available, which are based upon the Cars franchise. The Cars 2 series includes six separate sets. The new sets include Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher and Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator. Guido and Luigi’s Pit Stop and Mater’s Junkyard are also included. Willy’s Garage is not included.

You can also buy the LEGO Pixar Cars2 Spy Jet Escape Kit for younger children. This set includes Agent Mater and Police Car Finn McMissile, as well as an RC car and Grem figures. You can also find a Lego Juniors Mater’s Junkyard Kit, which includes a movable crane, a Tow Mater sign, and Mater character from the Pixar Cars series.

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