Laura Leboutillier Net Worth

Laura LeBoutillier Net Worth

Laura LeBoutillier is a social media sensation, YouTube star, and gardening expert. Her YouTube channel, Garden Answer, is one of the most popular gardening channels in the world. Her net worth is estimated to be in the millions. While she has a passion for gardening, she’s turned it into a full-time business.

Laura LeBoutillier is a social media star

Laura LeBoutillier is the owner of the YouTube channel “Garden Answer,” where she explains how to grow beautiful plants. The two started making videos as a hobby, but soon turned it into a full-time business. The couple has since partnered with various garden supply companies, including Bonide and Proven Winners.

She has a YouTube channel

Laura LeBoutillier is a YouTube star and social media sensation who lives in Eastern Oregon. She and her husband Aaron have turned their hobby into a full-time career by producing gardening videos for Proven Winners, a leading supplier of plants to garden supply stores. Aaron works behind the camera, while Laura handles the front-end duties. In normal-speed YouTube videos and fast-action Facebook videos, Laura explains the gardening magic.

Laura and Aaron started their YouTube channel in 2013, after Aaron quit his job at the cable company. The two had bought a new camera and decided to create a series of gardening instructional videos. Aaron partnered with Laura, who became the expert, and launched a popular YouTube channel. The Garden Answer channel has more than 800,000 subscribers, with millions of views.

Laura LeBoutillier’s YouTube channel focuses on pretty things, including plants. She produces five to seven videos each week and covers different topics about gardening. She answers gardening questions that she receives at her family’s garden center. She admits that she has killed succulents and gone over budget buying plants.

She is a gardening expert

Laura LeBoutillier is an Internet sensation who creates inspirational videos about gardening. She has more than 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and 2.4 million Facebook followers. In reality, she is a normal mom and wife who lives in Oregon. She grew up in a family that ran a garden center and went on to study nursing in college.

Laura LeBoutillier, known as “Garden Answer,” produces do-it-yourself videos about gardening. She and her husband started making videos as a hobby and have now turned it into a full-time business. She has partnered with companies such as Proven Winners and Bonide. She also lives in a zone 5 area, which makes her videos even more relevant to gardening enthusiasts.

Laura LeBoutillier started her YouTube gardening vlog in 2014 and has gained a following of over 2.2 million people. She admits to killing succulents and buying plants that break her budget. But, she still manages to create useful videos for people looking to learn how to garden.

She is worth millions

Laura LeBoutillier and her husband, Aaron, are a married couple from Eastern Oregon who discovered each other while making instructional videos for a leading flower brand on YouTube. They are on-camera talents, whose videos reveal how to grow flowers in just a few easy steps. Their videos are so popular that they’ve gotten major sponsors, gained a large fan base on Facebook, and even organized a field trip to Ontario. The group was able to tour various gardens, visit the headquarters of Garden Answer, and engage in a community service project.

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