Larry Fitzgerald Rookie Card

Larry Fitzgerald Rookie Cards

One of the most highly sought after players in the NFL is Larry Fitzgerald, and this fact is evident in his popularity and value on football rookie cards. In the last year alone, his cards have skyrocketed in value. For example, a Larry Fitzgerald autographed relic from SP Authentic has jumped from $300 to nearly $850. Similarly, a signed Larry Fitzgerald rookie card is now worth over $500.

After being drafted first overall in the NFL Draft, Fitzgerald made history by becoming the youngest player to score two touchdowns in one game. He went on to lead the NFL in receptions in 2005, 2006, and 2007, and led the league in receiving touchdowns in 2008 and 2009. In 2008, he tied the record for the most touchdown receptions in a single postseason game. He has also been named to the Pro Bowl 10 times.

Another highly sought-after card is Aaron Rodgers’ rookie card, which recently topped the market for the first time. This is the most expensive card of the two, but it is considered the top rookie card in the market today. This is because of its value compared to Tom Brady’s rookie card. Finally, a Justin Jefferson rookie card is another highly sought-after item, as the best route runner in the NFL had one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory.

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