Lady Jade K104 Net Worth

Lady Jade – K104 Net Worth

Whether you have been following Lady Jade’s career or not, it is likely that you have heard of her. Although she is a Korean actress, she has become known around the world for her performances on a variety of television shows. Her net worth has reached over $800,000 and she has been awarded several awards for her acting skills. However, she has not yet shared any details about her future plans.

Lady Jade’s net worth

Considering her lengthy career in radio and television, Lady Jade has been a major player in the media and entertainment industry. She has had the good fortune to work with the best of the best in the industry. She has made some truly remarkable contributions to the industry. For starters, she has been a member of the prestigious CFMA. She has also been a steadfast proponent of the highest standards of excellence. Her dedication to her craft is exemplified by her frequent appearances on the national radio and television dials. She has had no shortage of television credits to her name. During her time on the air, she has garnered several awards and accolades, including a coveted CFMA Top 10 Award. She is also the proud holder of the coveted CFMA Hall of Fame Award. She has also been lauded for her contributions to the community by the media and by her peers.

Lady Jade’s career

Known for her vivacious personality and charming personality, Jade is a role model for young women. She has become a media personality as well as a community leader. Jade has made many guest appearances all over the country. She is also a co-host of a nationally syndicated morning radio program.

Lady Jade gained a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication from Texas State University. She has also earned a certificate in public relations. She is known for her honesty and funny attitude. She also owns her own clothing line. She has also collaborated with many fashion brands through social media.

Jade Miller began her acting career through Gary Spatz’s “The Playground”. She has appeared in various movies and television shows. She has also done paid promotions for popular brands. She also designs customized experiences for companies. She has also performed concert adventures for curious audiences. Jade has also appeared in music videos. She has also appeared on several magazine cover pages.

Lady Jade’s relationship with TA

TA Lady Jade is a K104 host who has been with the station for two decades. She’s known for her candor, bright smile, and honesty. She has made numerous guest appearances throughout the country. She’s also a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

One of her most memorable moments was when she wished her coworkers a happy birthday. She said she would remember the day for the rest of her life. She also announced that she was resigning from the station. She had a lot of respect for her coworkers.

Lady Jade is also a fan of Project 16 DFW, a nonprofit organization that provides education, counseling, and support for at-risk teens. She also volunteers at local recreation centers and foster homes.

Jade also attends the Woman to Woman program. She’s encouraged by her counselor to speak up. The program features discussions and a variety of activities, including museum visits, concerts, and meals. It also offers opportunities that Jade would not have otherwise. She’s even enrolled in a college scholarship program.

Lady Jade hasn’t revealed her impending plans

Despite having a large following on social media, Lady Jade has not disclosed her plans for the future. She has only made one Instagram post since August of 2022. Her followers have responded well to her recent announcement that she was leaving her job as co-host of the nationally syndicated morning show, DeDe in the Morning. She has not revealed why she is leaving the show, but has stated that she was seeking time and space to focus on her future.

Lady Jade has a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Texas State University. She has worked in radio, media, and television for over 19 years. She has worked with Skip Cheatham and DeDe McGuire for that time. She has also been involved in several organizations in her community. She has also served as a mentor to high school students. She has also helped with local charities and recreation facilities.

She has a huge social media following with over 187k followers on Instagram. Her username is “iamladyjade.” She has not revealed her nationality, ethnicity, or age.

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