Lady And The Tramp Pin

Lady and the Tramp Pin

Lady and the Tramp was released as an animated feature film by Walt Disney in 1955, inspired by a 1945 Cosmopolitan magazine story by Ward Greene. It follows Lady as she finds love with Tramp (an outcast streetwise mutt). This landmark animated romantic comedy film marks 15 films produced and distributed by Buena Vista Film Distribution; today it remains considered an influential classic among animated romantic comedies.

Barbara Luddy stars as Lady, an American Cocker Spaniel; Larry Roberts stars as Tramp, an offspring of Schnauzer and Terrier breeds that has an ability to avoid dogcatchers; Verna Felton as Sarah disapproves of Lady being around babies despite having one herself: her own baby daughter being Siamese cat Peg Sherry acts as antagonists; their depictions of Asian stereotypes such as exaggerated squinty eyes and bucked teeth have caused significant controversy among viewers and critics alike.

While making the film, Walt Disney had designed Disneyland California and styled Main Street U.S.A. after Marceline Missouri where he had grown up. This theme continued at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at Walt Disney World as well as Pizzeria Bella Notte at Disneyland Paris.

Disney released a direct-to-video sequel of Lady and the Tramp called Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure in 2002, following their son Scamp as he attempts to become an independent wild dog and runs away from his family.

This pin was released for purchase at WDW Downtown Disney Christmastime in the City event in 2013 to commemorate Goofy’s Tree-Trimming Tour and features Jock the Scottie with his head tilted to one side and grinning impishly.

Pins featuring Lady and the Tramp’s adorable fawn Spot are iconic collectibles, often hard to come by and rarer still; only 100 were produced of this one-of-a-kind pin!

One of the more beloved pins from this collection is a re-imagined version of Spot’s puppy face, originally released as a limited edition pin and quickly selling out; since then it has become part of our regular issue selection – making this pin a wonderful way to remember and share Spot with family and friends! The pin comes complete with its own backer card and costs $25.00. A great way to add some history and nostalgia to any collection, it makes an excellent present for Lady and the Tramp fans or collectors. Also look out for other pins in this series featuring characters like Tramp’s fellow street mutts as well as Lady’s purebred companions in Pin Trading Halls at theme parks or online at Disney Store website.

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