Kimberly Guilfoyle Weight Gain

Kimberly Guilfoyle Joins Trump Victory Campaign As Head of Fundraising

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a longtime Fox News co-host, recently joined President Trump’s campaign as head of fundraising for an anti-Trump super PAC. Her role as vice chairwoman of America First Policies was officially announced Wednesday on their website.

She joined the Trump Victory campaign in December and has been touring around America as a surrogate for President Trump. Additionally, she hosts pro-Trump “news” updates on a channel accessible only to campaign supporters.

She has gained notoriety for her fiery speaking style and exaggerated claims about her background and the campaign’s political agenda. In August, when she spoke at the Republican National Convention as a featured speaker, Business Insider reported that she blasted Democrats on opening night with warnings that socialists “will fundamentally change this nation.”

Her fiery speech marked her first public appearance since Fox News fired her in 2018 amid sexual harassment accusations. As a key member of their legal analysis unit, the accusations against her sparked months of investigation by their human resources department.

The investigation, which reportedly began with a complaint from her assistant, caused an internal rift that ultimately culminated in Guilfoyle’s departure from Fox. Despite these still-raging emotions surrounding the situation, nothing has truly changed.

She has yet to publicly address the allegations against her, but her supporters argue that the accusations have damaged her reputation as a fiery host. A person familiar with the case told HuffPost her allies denied all claims against her, asserting her behavior was “a figment of her own imagination.”

Guilfoyle oversees all financial aspects of America First Policies in addition to her role as Director of Finance at Fox News. According to her former colleagues, she has raised millions of dollars for her employers.

Guilfoyle has always been a staunch supporter of President Obama, even supporting him from the beginning during his presidential campaign. Despite her controversial past, however, she remains an enthusiastic supporter.

Guilfoyle has expressed her support for Trump while simultaneously being the proud mother to teenage son Ronan. She shared pictures online in June 2018 showing off the two enjoying time together on vacation and at a Poison concert.

Her Instagram page is filled with photographs of her life as a mother, from the birth of her daughter to their second child and beyond. She often pays tribute to her late father, California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who was much closer to her than any other relative.

Guilfoyle, 53 years old, has been criticized online for her weight and appearance. But the former attorney insists it’s due to age not pregnancy; and as a proud mother to her son, she does not wish for pregnancy rumors to interfere with his life.

She is a loyal, hardworking woman who puts others before herself.

Guilfoyle experienced the loss of her mother when she was a young girl, leaving her with an immense sense of responsibility and an urge to help those in need. This strong desire has been chronicled in her semi-autobiographical book Making the Case: How to Be Your Own Best Advocate.

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