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A Closer Look at Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth

Probably the most famous actress of the 1990s, Kim Kardashian is also one of the most successful. Throughout her career, she has starred in many films and has earned a net worth of millions. Despite her success, she has also suffered from several scandals and affairs.


Among the many glitzy hairstylists and salons of Beverly Hills, Kim Kimble is not your average Joe. While she may not be the brains behind the fanciest mane and tail, she does have her hands full styling the ladies of the ballpark. She is also the lady boss of her own small business and has two studios under her wing. She is also an enthusiast of all things health related. She has two children, a son and a daughter.

Among the many hair follicles that call her name, Kim has amassed a fair share of awards and accolades. Some of the more prestigious include: one of the most coveted celebrity hairstylist titles in Hollywood, a spot on the short list of stylists selected to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, and a spot on the short list of stylists vying for the title of Miss USA. She has been on the road to success since her humble beginnings at a salon in Beverly Hills.


Known as the celebrity hairstylist of the rich and famous, Kim Kimble has been working in the industry for many years. Her work has been featured in many publications including V, Rolling Stone, Allure, Glamour, and Vanity Fair. Kimble’s work has also been seen in commercials for CoverGirl and Neutrogena. Kim has also been a guest judge on several fashion reality shows.

During her early childhood, Kim Kimble played with paper dolls and cut out magazine pictures. She was also a huge fan of fashion. When she was young, she had her heart set on becoming a fashion designer. But, she realized that hair styling was more of a business. She pursued this path instead. After gaining recognition for her skills, Kim opened her first salon in Los Angeles. She opened a second salon in West Hollywood in 2000.

In addition to being a hairstylist, Kimble is an entrepreneur. She is the founder of her own hair care product line. This product line was created to address the needs of women of color.

Social media presence

Despite being a hairstylist by trade and family by blood, Kim has a few notable detractors. Besides, Kim is a family man and has to fit in a few extracurricular activities to boot. As a result, a little too much time has been spent on the dance floor. Despite the aforementioned family problems, Kim still manages to squeezing out a few effervescents. Having said that, the thorn in her side has been a challenge to say the least. The aforementioned sibblings have been a source of frustration for a while now. The main culprits are Kim herself, her daughter-in-law and their respective spouses. Luckily, Kim is a jack of all trades and hasn’t been in the hive for too long. The most recent squabbling is now a thing of the past and Kim can finally relax a bit. The aforementioned sibblings have been a tad less than cordial for a while now.

Affair history

Among other things, Kim Kimble is an entrepreneur and celebrity stylist. She is also known for her role as a contestant on WE TV’s reality show L.A. Hair, which follows the Kimble Hair Studio. She is also a parent to a son, who is a big fan of sports. Previously, she had one relationship.

Kim Kimble was born on December 24, 1971. She was born in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which is the sign of people who are dependable and forgiving. Her zodiac sign also has the ruling planet of Saturn. Although Capricorns are very romantic, they are also very reserved. They don’t express themselves easily and they often have problems finding solutions to relationship issues. They are also very emotional and think very deeply about their problems.

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