Kendra Eric The Midget

Kendra and Eric the Midget Episode 2

Howard Stern took a week off, yet still managed to keep things interesting with the wack pack. Eric the midget is convinced Kendra Bernick is his girlfriend; they have been texting each other back and forth and she claims they’re together. Eric believes they will get married one day while Artie Lange suggested there might be better odds that she marries a coyote instead!

Kendra is angry with Eric because he has been telling people she made out with him and calling and texting her pretending that they are talking. Eric claims they have an ongoing romantic relationship but this is just an attempt at making money; Howard and Artie have tried convincing him it is not genuine.

Eric the midget is an impressionistic individual who believes they have an intimate connection to Kendra Bernick, calling and texting her nonstop, trying to convince her they share a strong romantic interest, telling her they will marry one day and live together; Artie and Howard try their best to convince him otherwise, though Artie warns him against falling for this trap.

Eric the midget has reached new levels of absurdity this week. He believes a woman working in the porn industry and wearing pasties on web cam is his girlfriend, texting and calling her pretending they’re together – believing nonsense that no normal person would accept.

Eric the Midget visited the Bunny Ranch where he lost his virginity to Air Force Amy. Additionally, he spent time with Chloe Daniels and Hailey Madison; unfortunately he lacks any sense of reality and thus represents failure. A frequent caller to Howard Stern Show, American Idol expert and all around douche bag; Eric will be missed dearly by millions worldwide – click here for pictures featuring eric the midget with Air Force Amy from Bunny Ranch – an absolute must see! Eric will be missed dearly by millions more. –

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