Kelsey Plum Jersey Las Vegas

Kelsey Plum Jersey Las Vegas

Kelsey Plum was raised to be competitive. Everything became a contest: who could get to their car first or finish dinner fastest. Even collecting her family dog’s waste became an intense competition: those who found a clump first in the backyard received more praise from their father as rewards.

After suffering an Achilles tear in 2020 and going through an exhaustive process of self-discovery, Kelsey Plum is finally performing as promised when she entered the league as the No. 1 draft pick in 2017. With Las Vegas Aces point guard Kelsey Plum averaging 20.2 points per game this season while shooting 42% from 3-point range to set a franchise record with 113 made 3-pointers she is becoming one of the candidates for WNBA MVP award consideration.

Plum remains unassuming this season despite her success and remains focused on winning a championship with the Aces. She finished second in the 2022 WNBA All-Star Game and could become their inaugural WNBA MVP.

Plum is also exploring her role as a leader on and off the court. As captain and mentor to young teammates – including point guard A’ja Wilson – she serves as team captain. In addition, Plum has become an ardent advocate for equal treatment among players regarding both money and marketing opportunities in the WNBA.

Plum is a big fan of Tom Brady and was very surprised and delighted to receive such an unexpected gift from her favorite NFL superstar. She posted video footage on her reaction on Instagram demonstrating just how overwhelmed and happy she was when receiving such a thoughtful gesture from him.

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