Kelly Keegs Barstool Boyfriend

Kelly Keegs and Her Barstool Boyfriend

If you’re a fan of Barstool Sports, then you probably love Kelly Keegs. She has been a member of the team since 2020, and she’s quickly become an important part of the community.

She is known for her Whine With Kelly podcasts, and she also works as a freelance journalist for MuckRack. She is also co-host of the Cutting Stems drinking game show on Barstool.

The media personality has a huge following on social media, but she keeps her personal life private. She has never spoken about her dating life, and she prefers to stay anonymous on her public profiles.

Her net worth is not revealed, but she is believed to be earning a good income from her work as a podcaster. She has been active on Instagram, and she posts lots of photos with her family.

Kelly Keegs was born on December 8, 1990, in New York City, New York. She is the daughter of Patricia Keegan and her husband, Michael. She studied at Hunterdon Central Regional High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from High Point University.

She began her career in the media industry. She worked as a reporter for V Magazine and Secco Squared, before becoming a full-time employee at Barstool Sports. She is currently an assistant editor of Barstool Sports, but she was previously the editor-in-chief.

When she joined the team, she started posting a lot more on social media, and she even started a Twitter account to discuss the content on her show. This helped her gain a lot of followers, and she soon became an important figure within the community.

After she and Kmarko broke up, fans started to wonder who Kelly Keegs was dating. This started with a few comments on Reddit, but it spread to other social media platforms and eventually into the media, including her podcasts.

Some people started to believe that she was dating her co-worker Vibbs, who is a member of the Barstool team. But it’s important to note that these comments are only from fans, and they don’t necessarily reflect what the Barstool team thinks.

Moreover, she hasn’t posted any pictures of her and Vibbs together, so it seems like she is keeping her relationship with them quiet. However, if it is true that she is dating Vibbs, they are a very cute couple.

Keegs was previously in a relationship with Kmarko, who was a Barstool Sports teammate. They separated in 2018, but she has remained quiet about the breakup.

She hasn’t talked about her relationship with Kmarko on her podcasts, but she was previously in a relationship with another Barstool employee named Jeff Vibbert. They were in a relationship for two years before it ended.

In 2017, she was rumored to be dating Vibbs, but this hasn’t been confirmed by either party. It’s possible they’re just friends, but it would be very difficult to keep a relationship going with that many co-workers.

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