Juvia’s Place Purple Palette

7 of the Best Purple Eyeshadow Palettes Available Right Now

If you love color-coordinated makeup, then purple eyeshadow has undoubtedly become one of the trendiest shades to use in eyeshadow application. Ranging from sparkly violets to muted plums, purple is making its presence felt in both makeup bags and nail polish bottles alike. Purple can add an unexpected splash of color without overshadowing another hue – perfect if you want a neutral or softer look; yet also adds flair when used alongside shimmery bronzer!

Thank goodness there are an array of affordable purple palettes on the market today, from indie beauty darlings such as Juvia’s Place and ColourPop to more mainstream offerings by Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda Beauty. To help you find your ideal palette we compiled seven of the best options currently available to you.

The Masquerade Palette from Juvia’s Place is one of the more versatile rainbow palettes, providing both cool and warm nudes for every skin tone, as well as some vibrant brighter shades suited for creating bold or vampy looks. I remember getting this palette for one of my first Juvia’s Place purchases (maybe two grams per pan!) and still have it in my collection today!

If you prefer neutral makeup looks, Juvia’s Place’s Nubian Palette is one of its most popular offerings and ideal for dark and fair skin tones alike. Equipped with everything necessary to achieve a stunning neutral look in an easy and seamless fashion.

This palette offers a balance of warm and cool tones, along with some light pinks ideal for fair skin tones. I like it as much as its counterpart, the Nubian Palette; my only dislike being that there are more shimmers present here that tend to make this more glittery than I prefer.

One change I would suggest making to this palette would be switching out some of its glittery shades for matte finishes; other than that, it’s nearly perfect when it comes to creating a neutral purple palette. If you prefer something bolder Groupnineet’s Mini Makeup Palette ($25; Walmart) provides rich pigment and velvety finishes.

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