Judy Brat Net Worth

BB Judy Net Worth

BB Judy is a hair stylist and entrepreneur who became a social media sensation due to her high quality products and looks. She was also a social media celebrity before becoming the partner of renowned rapper Da Brat. Her net worth is estimated at $5 million.

She is the CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, which is a hair product company in the United States. She is also the mother of three children. Her family loves her very much.

In addition to her work as a hairstylist, she has a very lucrative business as a television personality and an entrepreneur. She has her own TV show and has made a lot of money through her music and albums. She is known for her appearance on The Rap Game and Growing up Hip-Hop Atlanta. She has appeared in many television shows since 1984.

She started her hair studio eight years ago, and it has become very successful. The company has earned $20 million in sales in the first half of the decade. Her hair products are loved by women of all backgrounds. She is a nurturing spirit and her family appreciates her very much. In fact, she is the grandmother of Kenzie.

Although she has been in the public spotlight for over two decades, Da Brat has had some trouble in her personal life. She owes millions of dollars to various people. In 2007, Da was convicted of assaulting a woman with a rum bottle at a nightclub. The jury awarded her $6.4 million for future loss of earnings.

In 2018, Da Brat filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. She claimed ownership of a 1999 Mercedes 238i, a 2014 BMW 328i, and a Jeep Wrangler. She had several luxurious cars before, but they were destroyed in a fire.

She has had a few legal issues over the years, including a 2001 incident in which she pleaded guilty to a crime and served 80 hours of community service. She also had a conviction for battering a nightclub hostess. In 2006, she was romantically linked to Allen Iverson. She had a year of probation.

She has been featured in a number of reality television shows, including The Rap Game and Growing up Hip-Hop. She has also appeared on the series The Chi. She has also appeared in four episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In the episode “Candyman,” she received a salary.

She has recently married her twin flame, an American rapper named Da Brat. The pair got engaged in September 2021 and are planning to marry in February 22nd, 2022. They have lovely wedding pictures. Their marriage has been supported by many people on social media.

It is unclear exactly how much Da Brat earns. She has worked as a singer and actress and has been paid a salary through these activities. She also had some collaborations with other artists and made money through ticket sales of tours.

She has been seen on several television series and has starred in the shows Glitter and Civil Brand. She has also appeared in the second season of Empire. Her debut album, Funkdafied, earned her $1 million. It was certified platinum by the RIAA. She has also been nominated for the Grammy Awards.

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