Joybay Swing Car

Joybay Swing Car Ride on Toy

Joybay Premium LED-Wheel Swing Car Ride on Toy combines vibrant colors and dynamic design to create a unique toy. It is extremely quiet and won’t scratch floors, making it ideal for indoor play. Its LED lights make it ideal for nighttime play.

The Joybay Swing Car runs on kid power and is easy to use. The speed can be controlled by children. They can also turn the steering wheel to drive the car. It will reverse the direction of the steering wheel and slow down if the child isn’t turning it. This safe, quiet toy is made from eco-friendly materials and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It is recommended to have an adult supervise children while they play with the Swing Car. It should also not be used on steep slopes or on rough surfaces. You should also not use the car if any parts are missing or damaged. Customer service will be able to replace any worn parts that are not functioning properly.

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