Jonny Fairplay Net Worth

Jonny Fairplay Net Worth

Despite being a former reality TV competitor, Jonny Fairplay is still a professional wrestler. He started his career in 1998 with his own promotion, New Dimension Wrestling. He competed in several professional wrestling promotions, including Dragon Gate USA, WCWA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and WFX Wrestling. He also has a radio talk show.

He is best known for his appearance on Survivor: Pearl Islands, where he came in third. He was also the first contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Micronesia. He is also one of the most hated characters on Survivor. His most notorious act was orchestrating a lie on the show in 2003. In his one-on-one interview with Jeff Probst, he revealed that his grandmother was alive. It was this lie that got him a reward.

Although Jonny is a well-known Reality Star, he prefers to keep his personal life out of the public spotlight. He and his wife Caryn have a child, Madilyn Jane, who was born in Virginia. The couple separated in 2011, but they remain close. He has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. However, his primary source of income is his career as a professional wrestler.

He has appeared on various shows, including The Amazing Race, West Coast Wrestling Connection, and WFX Wrestling. In May 2014, he became an on-screen manager for Ashton Vuitton. He was inducted into the Xfinity “Survivor Hall of Fame” in 2013. He was a finalist for the Fox Reality Really Awards in 2007.

He was a cast member on Survivor: Micronesia, Fans vs. Favorites, and the 16th season of Survivor. He is also a cast member on the 16th season of Survivor: Alaska. In 2010 he decided not to participate in “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” He was also arrested in December 2011 for grand larceny in Virginia. The case against him and his mother was dismissed. During a police investigation, they were found to have stolen about $5,000 worth of jewelry from the home of his grandmother. He was also accused of mental abuse.

Jhonny Fairplay has a long history of feuding with his co-stars. He is one of the most notorious villains in the history of Survivor Series. He has a tendency to cause outbursts on set and has been the subject of live award presentation conflicts. His ex-girlfriend, Michelle Deighton, is a professional wrestler who is currently a contestant on WWE’s Tough Enough. He has also been a guest commentator on various wrestling programs.

Jhonny Fairplay is a professional wrestler who has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand to $1 million. He is a native of Danville, Virginia. He was born on March 11, 1974. The birth sign of his father is Taurus. He has an average height of 1.65 meters and weighs about 75 kilograms. He has unlisted relationships. He has not revealed any salary information, but has a net worth of $500 thousand. He has been married to Caryn Finkbeiner since 2016. She is a model, and the couple have a daughter, Madilyn Jane, who was born on February 10, 2017.

Jon Dalton, who is better known as Jonny Fairplay, is an American reality television personality. He is the son of a prominent attorney and an art consultant. He began his professional wrestling career in 1998 in North Carolina. He has since moved to Oregon and Oregon City. He is a member of the West Coast Wrestling Connection. He has competed on the reality television show Survivor, and he has also appeared in WFX Wrestling and Dragon Gate USA.

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