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Jonathan Van Ness – Is He Dating Antoni Porowski?

Jonathan Van Ness has been known to be a big fan of Gay of Thrones, but he’s also been working on other projects such as the Queer Eye show and the Getting Curious podcast. He’s also been seen in a variety of advertisements. In fact, he even owns several salons in Los Angeles and New York. Currently, he is waiting for his Ojo raro to start filming.

Jonathan Van Ness is also the host of the Getting Curious podcast and has appeared on several shows like Gay of Thrones. His first book, The Gay of Thrones, was released in 2014. Similarly, he’s been featured on the Queer Eye tv show. However, he’s still single.

According to the internet, Jonathan Van Ness and his mate Antoni Porowski are in a relationship, and they are the reason for the aforementioned Jvntoni Instagram account. They’ve even mentioned their joint Instagram account in a number of interviews. Their relationship has not been officially confirmed by either party.

In the ‘Queer Eye’ franchise, Jonathan and Antoni are considered to be one of the couples. This rumor started after their joint Instagram account, where they are seen posing together. And it’s not just their Instagram photos that are circulating. Fans have also been watching Queer Eye episodes where they appear. Earlier this year, Jonathan and Antoni appeared on the show in an interview with Michael Strahan.

Although there’s no concrete evidence that Jonathan and Antoni are dating, they are indeed partners. In fact, rumors have circulated that they are already business partners. As such, they are the first couple in the Fab Five. Having said that, Jonathan has also been dating Wilco Froneman, and the two are thought to be romantically bonded. It appears that they’re not quite in love, but they’re not afraid to spend time with each other.

One of the most popular television shows on the air is Queer Eye. In the past, Jonathan has been seen on the show as a ‘estilist’. Now, he’s replaced Kyan Douglas. Also, he’s recently been named as the new host of the Gay of Thrones web series.

Aside from Queer Eye, Jonathan is also a producer of the Gay of Thrones web series, and a personal groomer. He’s also a comedia performer and owns several salons in Los Angeles and NYC. With a net worth of about 4 million dollars, he’s definitely an accomplished and successful personality. So far, he hasn’t made any public mentions of any other relationships. Nevertheless, it’s still good to see that Jonathan is happy with his life.

Of course, there are other rumors of an upcoming relationship between Jonathan and his mate. It’s possible that he’s been in a serious relationship since last summer. Regardless, the media hasn’t been very kind to him.

There’s no official word on whether he’s still single or not, but he’s obviously content in his relationship. In addition to that, he’s not wasting his time on flings. If anything, he’s using his free time to improve his artistic skills.

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