John Kim Therapist Ex Wife

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist John Kim and His Ex Wife Vanessa Bennett

John Kim, also known by his moniker of The Angry Therapist, stands out from the pack by providing services through social media app TikTok rather than traditional methods like offices in New York City with glass walls. His clients appreciate his candid advice that may even prove controversial at times.

Some years back, John experienced a devastating divorce which lead to his complete reinvention. While finding himself again, John began writing and blogging about it all on The Angry Therapist Tumblr blog where he shared his personal revelations, struggles, views on relationships and self-help businesses; in doing so he built up a huge online following and became one of the leaders of life coaching movement online.

John discusses in his new book, Single on Purpose, how going through a breakup can open you up to an invaluable journey of discovering what it is you want in relationships and can also help shape how to be better partners when the time is right to find someone to invest in. Now married with two daughters of his own and experiencing some tough issues within current relationship Vanessa Bennett; John finds bringing that knowledge with them has proved useful when dealing with some tricky situations in his current partnership with Vanessa Bennett.

They share insights that have made their relationship stronger, such as scheduling sex and providing space for anger. Furthermore, they discuss some of the pitfalls that many couples fall into such as finger-pointing and blaming.

As a therapist, John has witnessed numerous instances of dysfunctional relationships. According to him, all dysfunction starts with fatherlessness. John understands the necessity for men to be emotionally available as well as know how to express themselves effectively when their emotions surface – something his patients frequently lack the resources for.

At its core, they believe the key to long-term relationships is working to cultivate deep roots that grow strong from communication, curiosity and patience. Furthermore, they share tips for getting there such as having honest discussions and setting clear boundaries.

John Kim, also known as The Angry Therapist, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with expertise in anger management. As such, he has written numerous books, spoken at seminars and initiated organizations such as TAT Lab and Lumia-Life Coach Training & Community.

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