John B Wells Net Worth

John B Wells Net Worth

John B Wells net worth is an estimated $2 million. He is an American talk radio host, podcaster, and news anchor. He has been in the radio business for more than 30 years. Born in Missouri, he has studied at Texas Christian University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with an emphasis in theater. Outside of the media, Wells has an extensive interest in martial arts, aviation, and music.

He replaced Ian Punnett as Coast to Coast AM’s host in January 2012. He hosted two different shows during the week and also had a second show on Sunday nights. Unfortunately, he was fired from his Coast to Coast AM gig in January 2014. He continues to host “Caravan to Midnight”, a nationally syndicated radio program he hosts as an affiliate station. His shows mix news and expert interviews.

John B. has a net worth of approximately $5.3-$5.4 thousand. Wells is estimated at about $5.3-$5.4 thousand, and this includes earnings from merch and YouTube advertisements. Though his YouTube videos earn him around $2 to $7 a month, he earns significantly more when it comes to merch and sponsored ads. His popularity determines how much he earns. If you want to know the truth about John B. Wells’ net worth, take a look at his YouTube channel.

John B.’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. In 2021, Wells’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5,000,000. His salary is expected to range between $4 million and $5million. In addition to this, his net worth will include the estimated value of his car and annual salary. John B. Wells’ estimated height and weight are also available. His shoe size is a popular choice among men. His social media presence makes him one the most popular people online.

In addition to his television and movie roles, John B. Since his days as a DJ on KZEW-FM in Dallas, Wells’ net worth has risen tremendously. He also has a substantial amount of cash and has been working hard to build on his success. John B. is still a celebrity and fortune. Wells’ net worth is not a source of concern for his fans.

After graduating from TCU in 2001, Wells was hired at KZEW-FM Dallas as a part-time DJ. He rose through the ranks to become an afternoon drive slot. He left the radio station to pursue a career in voiceover. He has voiced imaging promos for various radio stations, and has a syndicated radio show called Caravan to Midnight. In addition to being a radio personality, he is a martial arts instructor, pilot, and musician.

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