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McDonald’s Releases New Disney-Pixar Happy Meal Collectibles

If you love Disney or Pixar, you’ll be happy to know that McDonald’s has released a new Disney-Pixar themed Happy Meal toy collection. These new collectibles feature eight different Pixar characters from the films. These toys include Buzz Lightyear, Dory, and Jack-Jack!

Disney-Pixar’s Soul (December 15)

We’ve been watching a lot of trailers for the upcoming Pixar movie, Soul. And we’re excited for it to be released on Disney+ this Christmas. The new film introduces us to Joe Gardner, a middle-school band teacher who travels to The Great Before, where new souls get their personalities and quirks before they go back to Earth.

The story focuses on how Joe’s new soul, 22 (voiced by Tina Fey), finds his place in the world, and he helps him along the way. In addition to the Joe Gardner hangable plush, there are six other Soul-themed Happy Meal toys including Terry, 22, Mr. Mittens, Moonwind and Newb.

They are all bright and colorful, but the Joe Gardner bag clip toy is a standout! It has a cute reverse side that shows off his colorful soul form.

Disney’s 50th Anniversary

This fall, McDonald’s is celebrating Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary with a series of special Happy Meal toys. Customers who order a meal at participating restaurants nationwide will receive one of 50 unique toys inspired by The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Each figurine features a Disney character and will be available while supplies last at participating locations. They range from classics like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to more recent favorites like Frozen, and even include characters from the Star Wars and Marvel universes!

In addition to the new toy line, McDonald’s is also offering a chance to win a free vacation to The Most Magical Place on Earth. From September 25 through October 1, customers who order a Happy Meal via the app will automatically be entered to win a trip for four to Walt Disney World.

The Happy Meal Toys are a great way to help your family make memories together! You can find the new Disney-Pixar Happy Meal toys at any participating McDonald’s restaurant.

Toy Details

The new Disney-Pixar Happy Meal Toys come in a colorful cardboard box that is sure to bring some excitement to your child’s meal. The box is decorated with a Cinderella Castle and fireworks. The toys are reversible, so you can flip them over to show their other side. Each toy comes with a small tag that says which Disney character it is based on.

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