Jennifer Aniston Jean Shorts

How Jennifer Aniston Wears Jean Shorts

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most renowned stars, known for her timeless style and bright personality that make her a favourite among women around the world.

She excels at creating stunning looks that are both flattering and versatile. Her aesthetic embodies casual street core elegance that can be easily tailored for work or play.

1. She prefers keeping her tops simple

The actress may not be a huge fan of denim, but she enjoys wearing t-shirts, vests and button-downs on a daily basis. She particularly appreciates white tees as well as other classic styles in neutral tones.

2. She wears a black blazer as her go-to piece

The Friends star loves wearing black blazers, and has an impressive collection in her closet. She often pairs it with white jeans and a top to create an ensemble that oozes classic cool.

3. She loves knitwear

When the temperature drops in summer, actress Miranda Richardson enjoys pulling on a cozy wool or woven sweater to stay warm and stylish. In winter months, she often opts for wearing black shawls as an added layer of warmth to complete her ensemble.

4. Jennifer loves to style her hair in a ponytail or bun. The stylish updo helps frame her face and add extra height to the forehead.

5. She prefers keeping her makeup natural

She’s a huge fan of keeping things simple and natural when it comes to makeup – though she won’t shy away from red carpet looks or special occasions either. Typically, her looks include pinky nude lipstick, some mascara and cream blush for an effortlessly natural look that you can recreate at home using your favorite products.

6. Jennifer strives to keep her skin healthy

Jennifer believes in keeping her skin clean and hydrated, which she accomplishes by using Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub as well as Aveeno Positively Radiant Overnight Moisturizer overnight.

7. She takes great care in maintaining her nails and brows

The actress is renowned for her stunning hair, so it’s no surprise that she takes great care to keep it looking perfect. To this end, she regularly ensures her locks are free of dirt or tangles while applying moisturizer. Additionally, her eyebrows are always brushed and nails painted and polished to maintain their shine.

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