Jenna Lyons Met Gala 2012

Jenna Lyons Meets Gala 2012

Jenna Lyons is an unstoppable businesswoman. She has worked her way up from a junior designer at J. Crew to being the creative director and president of the company. In the span of twenty-two years, she has reinvented the brand and become a style icon of sorts.

Aside from her design work, Jenna also oversees the look of the company’s catalogs and web site, and she has recently taken on the role of a digital content director. She also serves as one of the 10 judges for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

Jennifer has been a staple on the red carpet, and she has even made appearances in the White House. Her fashion has been seen by a wide range of celebrities, from Kate Hudson to Hillary Clinton. And she’s done it all in her signature geek chic eyewear.

While Lyons is known for her menswear-inspired outfits, she’s equally as adept at wearing more feminine pieces. She’s a master at mixing prints, colors, and patterns. One of her biggest accomplishments was making sequins more work-appropriate. The result is a series of looks that eschew the dowdy and frumpy.

She’s a big fan of geek-chic eyewear, which she wears with both tailoring and statement pieces. But it’s her layering techniques that really stand out. It’s not unusual to see Jenna layered a black blazer over a white shirt, or to see her layer a slinky satin skirt over a denim jacket.

Lyons’ style also embodies the old saying, “When in doubt, dress like you’re going to the ballgame.” Unlike the typical Housewife, she takes chances with her looks. For example, she wore a silver paisley top and pants to the Alexander Wang after-party. Or she wore a formal duchesse silk skirt in Schiaparelli pink to the Costume Institute gala in May.

The best thing about Jenna Lyons is her ability to make the most of her celebrity status. For example, she was spotted dancing at an Alexander Wang after-party, and she’s been quoted when Michelle Obama appears at a public event dressed in J. Crew.

She’s got a large following, and she’s been named to the CFDA board of directors. Although she’s left the company after two years of slow sales, she’s still set to take a million dollars out of the bank. After her departure, she will be paid health care and a year’s salary, which will no doubt help her financially. However, the real question remains: what will she do next?

Thankfully, she’s already made a big impact, and her influence will continue to be felt for a long time to come. Perhaps she’ll take the opportunity to launch her own line of geek-chic eyewear, and she may even appear on the RHONY!

She’s been dubbed the CFDA’s answer to Tom Ford, and she’s definitely one to watch. From her eyewear to her unique take on the classic bob, she’s become a must-follow stylist and style maven. Not to mention, she’s got some of the sexiest fans on the planet.

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