Jenelle Evans Boyfriend Gary

Jenelle Evans Is Back With Her Boyfriend Gary

Jenelle Evans has had her share of relationship struggles. She’s dated a variety of men and has an unsteady history when it comes to maintaining lasting commitments.

Jenelle got engaged to Courtland Rogers in November 2012 and married him the following December; however, they separated shortly after. Following this breakup, Jenelle began dating Nathan Griffith.

Nathan, a veteran, helped her get back on track with her life. They purchased a home and welcomed their son Jace into the world.

Jenelle had a series of encounters with the law before entering rehab in February to address her addiction. It appears she has since managed to regain control over her life and is working towards earning her degree.

She returned to Gary’s residence and the two got engaged a few months later, but broke up again this winter. In March she entered rehab again and ended her relationship with him once and for all.

On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle announced she was leaving the show due to its unfavorable effects. She stated she wanted to “get away from all of the drama and stress” so she could focus on improving her health.

Jenelle didn’t provide too many specifics, but reports from The Daily Dish indicate she promised not to drink at the parties or make any controversial statements. At present, Jenelle is still recovering from her miscarriage, abortion and divorce filing.

Another of her previous relationships, with Andrew Lewis, ended quickly as well. She gave birth to her first child Jace in 2009 and separated from him a few years later.

Jenelle admitted in her 2017 memoir Read Between the Lines that even though she had her first child with Andrew, Jenelle wasn’t always present for Jace as much as she should have been.

Jenelle found the love of her life in Nathan Griffith, a military guy. He was her “good influence”, according to Jenelle. They met on a dating app in June 2013 and things moved quickly – they got engaged a month later and Jenelle was pregnant – on purpose!

She gave birth to Jace in August 2009, but he wasn’t with her when she was arrested for violating probation. According to the reality star, it was up to her mother to care for Jace while she was in jail.

After her arrest, she checked into rehab and stayed for one month before departing. She informed her fans that she was striving to be a better mother and had decided to stop drinking.

After some time had passed, she was finally able to get back on track with her family and addiction. College eventually followed, leading her to pursue nursing as a profession.

She has also worked to repair her relationship with her son and is glad that Kieffer Delp was able to reconnect with her after being jailed again. This man was an encouraging influence in helping her find sobriety again.

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