Jeffree Star Louis Vuitton Pool Table

Jeffree Star Gets His Own Custom Louis Vuitton Pool Table

Jeffree Star is no stranger to lavish spending. With a massive Myspace following and own cosmetics line to boast of, as well as a wide array of expensive possessions like his Barbie pink Tesla and Himalayan Birkin Bag collection he proudly displays on social media – among many others – Star is unashamedly spending his fortune lavishly.

However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy other hobbies too. The makeup guru is a huge fan of video games and owns an impressive collection of arcade machines. Additionally, he enjoys board games as well as spending his free time playing with his six adorable Pomeranians and has even installed a hidden vault into his home to store all of his expensive handbags!

However, his most prized item may be his Louis Vuitton pool table crafted by their “Games” department – one of several speciality divisions within this luxury French brand that specialize in creating high-end gaming equipment and tables. Limited edition pieces from Louis Vuitton often make special appearances at holidays or other special events and have earned numerous acclaims due to intricate details and superior quality.

The custom LV pool table comes complete with a leather cue case sporting its monogram, as well as other luxurious touches. Pool balls emblazoned with the lower motif from LV, counting chips embossed with its flower monogram, each piece bearing its serial number for authenticity purposes, and an exclusive LV crest carved into its frame are among them.

Pricing has yet to be released for LV’s billiard table; however, you should expect it to cost significantly more than an affordable standard model from another brand. To join in the fun, their website features photos of it in person along with instructions for ordering one online through their store.

While many may criticize Star for his extravagant spending habits and lavish items, his charitable endeavors have earned him global support from fans around the globe. He frequently donates his earnings towards various causes around the globe; even cashing out several followers during the coronavirus pandemic in order to assist financially.

Star possesses an array of vehicles which he frequently drives around for publicity, including an exclusive black Lamborghini and private jet that have both been seen at events related to Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Shane Dawson.

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