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Kim Kardashian & Jeff Leatham Fragrance Review – Iconic Gardenia, Caramel Orchid and Rare Fig

Kim Kardashian and celebrity florist Jeff Leatham have joined forces to launch a fragrance that’s both visually stunning and effective. To commemorate their collaboration, the two are releasing three eau de parfums (and one shower gel) in bottles that double as flower vases.

These luxurious scents come in 30ml bottles that look like they belong in a museum rather than your bathroom cabinet. Popular options include Iconic Gardenia, Caramel Orchid and Rare Fig.

Iconic Gardenia

The first of the trio is an impressive floral scent that opens with honeysuckle and sparkling mandarin, followed by a voluptuous heart of feminine gardenia, jasmine and buttery tuberose. While not as overpowering as some of their flagship collection scents, this one still appeals to floral perfume connoisseurs.

Iconic Gardenia not only smells fantastic, but it lasts all day long! For only $40 you get an edgy eau de parfum that delivers on its promises – a great value at that!

Caramel Orchid

The other fragrance in the line is Caramel Orchid, a synthetic woody scent with sweet notes of cocoa and salted caramel along with davana for herbiness. While not as overpowering as Iconic Gardenia, its long-lasting quality makes it worth its hefty price tag.

Finally, the most luxurious scent is also the bottle’s most expensive investment. This one really caught my attention; a transparent glass bottle with traditional pump actuator that resembles the top of a bud vase in clay-inspired colors ranging from tan to soft black.

The smoky scent may not be as potent as Iconic Gardenia or Caramel Orchid, but it does make the most of synthetic clay bottles to create an innovative bottle-to-bottle fragrance system that will please even the most discriminating olfactory connoisseurs. Plus, you can use this versatile product as perfume, body spray or hair detangler without overwhelming your senses.

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