Jeanine Pirro Left Eye

Jeanine Pirro Left Eye

People have noticed that judge Jeanine Pirro’s left eye does not align with her right, leading many to speculate she has Strabismus – although this condition does not pose any life threatening danger or affect vision directly, many have nonetheless taken notice.

Jeanine Pirro is an American TV presenter, author, and former judge who has built an extensive career in media. With extensive legal and political knowledge under her belt, she is widely respected within her field.

Success as both judge and author has established her as an influential voice within the conservative movement. Although sometimes controversial due to comments she makes or opinions she expresses, her commitment to justice and fairness has won her many allies among conservatives.

Pirro boasts a net worth of $14 Million earned through her successful career as a judge and writer, as well as hosting her own television show on Fox News which has proven immensely popular with audiences.

She stands 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 52 kilograms. Her hair is brown with dark brown eyes; she has two children named Alexander and Christi and lives in New York City.

After she injured her eye, her social media fans immediately reached out to discuss it with her. Some were quick to praise her for her bravery while others immediately voiced concerns over what had occurred.

Despite her injuries, she remains determined to continue her career as a legal analyst and commentator. Her hard work in the conservative movement has earned her praise from those on both sides of the spectrum; even liberals admire her dedication.

Her career has allowed her to amass a considerable fortune, yet she also experienced many obstacles on her journey – misalignment of her left eye being among them, yet that didn’t prevent her from reaching her goals.

Have you been faced with disability or unexpected medical issue? Doing so can be extremely challenging, yet with positive thinking and determination it can be overcome and your goals reached.

Jeanine Pirro exemplifies this spirit through her ability to excel as both an attorney and judge despite battling an eye condition in the form of left eye blindness. Her perseverance and resilience serve as an inspiration to all those facing challenges in life.

She has made many statements that have caused outrage, yet are protected under the First Amendment. Her views on Muslim women have earned her a loyal following while some criticize her as Islamophobic or racist.

In March 2019 she made statements suggesting Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s hijab signified her adherence to Sharia law that contradicted with United States constitutional values. Fox News suspended her for two weeks but later reinstated her back onto airwaves where she continues making controversial comments.

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