Jeanie Buss Sleeping With Kyle Kuzma

Jeanie Buss Sleeping With Kyle Kuzma

As fans of the Los Angeles Lakers know, Jeanie Buss, their controlling owner and an attractive woman. Buss has long been on the lookout for relationships to help her take back her team to prominence within NBA competition. No surprise then that she has made attempts at getting Kobe Bryant involved with them somehow in some form or fashion.

Since retiring from the NBA in 2016, Mamba has been busy with other projects – winning an Oscar and writing a book to name just two! But that does not mean he has forgotten his roots with the Lakers; Buss has been relentless in her attempts to bring Mamba back, trolling league offices frequently as part of this plan.

One way Buss keeps Bryant engaged is through her use of social media, particularly teasing him on it. Recently she commented on a Bleacher Report article featuring Kuzma discussing his journey toward becoming one of the NBA’s premier young players.

Fans remain disgruntled over the Lakers’ trade of Kuzma to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Russell Westbrook, and many remain resentful over this decision. Kuzma has proven himself worthy of such an enticing offer despite having already put in great efforts with them since. Many cannot let go of what seemed like an unfair exchange for an All-Star player like Westbrook.

Kuzma has recently been showing off his new love interest, model Winnie Harlow, on social media. One post featuring them together went viral and many viewers noted their suspicious matchy outfits and matching hats.

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