Jason Takes Manhattan Shirt

Friday the 13th Part Vii Jason Takes Manhattan Horror Movie 80s Fan Ladies T Shirt

Are you a fan of Friday the 13th? Look no further than this Friday the 13th Part Vii Jason Takes Manhattan Horror Movie 80s Fan Ladies T Shirt. Crafted from 100% black cotton and available in youth, kids and adult sizes, it’s the ideal way to show your enthusiasm for this series while staying warm while watching it during cold weather!

This seventh entry of the Friday the 13th film franchise is not one of its best, but it still makes for an enjoyable watch. It may not be perfect, but Kane Hodder does a good job portraying Jason.

Jason moves from Camp Crystal Lake to Manhattan for this eighth installment of Friday the 13th. This shift makes for an interesting change, as Jason can now murder people across different settings – always a good sign!

However, not all changes are positive and this entry still has some flaws that cannot be overlooked. Jason being teleportable is quite ridiculous – especially as this is not even close to being the first time it’s happened in the series! Additionally, some parts of slo-mo feel slow to me.

There are some nice moments though, like a thrilling climatic chase through the sewers. I especially liked how Jason drowned in toxic waste – something you won’t see in any other Friday the 13th films. While the film may run a little long for my taste, it does have some enjoyable bits throughout.

Jason’s Makeup

For this installment of the series, Jason wears a slightly worn hockey mask similar to that he donned in part 3. Additionally, he sports an equally worn brown jacket, dark brown pants and black platform boots – all sporting visible rips and holes throughout its front and sides. Jason also sports slightly faded trousers that have visible scuff marks throughout them as well.

His hair is much longer and reddish in hue, while the deformed teeth on his mouth are prominent. Additionally, he sports a rustic beard as well as some bloated skull deformities on his right side.

His makeup is far less impressive than in part 2, though it still features some nice details around the eye creases and mouth area. Although it’s a simple mask that appears to be made out of rubber instead of a full face mask, it still looks decent enough.

Characterisation may be lacking in this film, but if you don’t mind that then Hodder does an adequate job as Jason. His performance is more nuanced than in previous installments and he shows emotion without fear which sets it apart from parts 1-6.

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