Jamie Dornan Long Hair

Jamie Dornan and His Long Hair

Jamie Dornan has always been known for experimenting with his look. Since appearing in Fifty Shades Of Grey, the actor has tried out various haircuts and facial hair styles ranging from long, unruly waves to clean cut stubble and has even experimented with beardlessness; although with such an attractive face he can pull off just about any style!

Dornan’s eyes are an obvious draw – whether in The Fall on Netflix or Fifty Shades Of Grey film adaptation, his deep blue eyes have an otherworldly quality that perfectly complements a brooding character. Later came Belfast, which received critical acclaim and draws upon Kenneth Branagh’s childhood experiences growing up in Northern Ireland and stars Dornan as Pa, a beloved father figure who must decide if staying or leaving is best when their neighborhood erupts in sectarian violence.

As reviews for the film continue to receive favorable reviews, it appears likely that it could become another Oscar contender and, should it win, would mark the first time actor has earned such an accolade.

Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters this Valentine’s Day and will have fans salivating with anticipation over Christian Grey’s return. Fans may have imagined running their fingers through his luxurious locks but will instead have to settle for admiring his buzz cut after he was spotted jettisoning JFK airport with virtually no hair left on his head.

Dornan has become an international sex symbol with his role as the brooding protagonist of controversial erotic novel trilogy The Gilded Wolves. However, this Irish actor is known to take an extremely low maintenance approach when it comes to grooming routine. In fact, he’s been known to forgo shampoo on occasion and use conditioner scented with lavender or rosemary when washing his hair.

He’s known to keep his beard short and tame, with just enough stubble for that rugged look. On days when his job doesn’t require him to be seductively attractive, he opts for more casual styles – one being his signature look of slicked-back tousled bedhead that appears stylishly disorganized.

To achieve the look at home, first apply a small amount of a water-based hair product to your scalp and use a hairdryer to blow dry it in sections. When your desired amount of volume has been achieved, work a small amount of styling gel into the front of your head and shake your head to achieve an unpolished, natural appearance. Don’t forget a light dusting of hairspray before finishing with some drops of your favorite fragrance to complete this look! If you want extra texture add drops of mousse into your strands; and don’t forget adding in some fragrance!

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