Jaden Hossler And Josh Richards

Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards Aren’t Ready to See Each Other Again

Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards appear to have an awkward rapport. Both TikTok stars frequent similar circles, yet are apparently unwilling or unready to interact again. Jaden recently hosted his birthday party for him at his apartment building; when inviting Josh, it remains unknown whether he will attend as Josh has not commented publicly about this event.

Both TikTok influencers share many similarities: both hail from California and have amassed massive followings on the platform, and share an identical lifestyle – working on videos while spending time with their friends and spending their days working on videos or hanging out. Together they’ve collaborated on music recordings as well as starting clothing lines.

As soon as the two began dating, their fans were excited for the pair. Unfortunately, however, things quickly went sour as soon as the pair began feuding – even filming a vlog which air on both channels to dispute house chores and more. Even that video didn’t help improve matters and soon afterwards it was reported that the couple had parted ways.

Uncertain reasons likely caused their separation; perhaps Jaden cheated with another girl while some believe mental health issues caused the breakup. Whatever its source, the pair decided to part ways in May 2022 and officially dissolve their partnership.

But their separation didn’t put an end to the rumors; Richards addressed their dispute in a recent podcast episode.

On an episode of BFFs, Richards addressed the tension between Jaden and Nessa and did his best to maintain civil dialogue without calling anyone out directly.

This episode also included a discussion regarding the animosity between Hype House member Chase Hudson and Sway House member Josh Richards, which is no secret but nonetheless managed to remain relatively civil and prevent any more confrontation between the two houses. Richards did his best to maintain calmness and avoid escalated conflict further between himself and Hudson, opting instead to remain silent during any heated arguments between himself and Richards.

Richards also discussed his new apartment, which represents a substantial downsizing from Sway House mansion. He joked that it smelled much better and contained all necessary amenities such as privacy, food in the fridge, flatware, a microwave and clean bathrooms.

Richards appears to be doing very well despite his feud with his ex. He boasts nearly 19 million followers on TikTok, a clothing line created in partnership with Mark Wahlberg, a production company to focus on Gen Z content production, TalentX agency that helps influencers maximize their online presence, BFFs with Dave Portnoy podcast discussing all kinds of stuff (they even talk smack), cofounder TalentX agency that assists influencers maximize their online presence and a weekly podcast called BFFs with Dave Portnoy where they talk all things smack; we know he won’t go away soon and hope all the drama between ex-girlfriend and Jaden can finally be settled soon enough.

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