Jack Harlow Is Ugly

How Hot Is Jack Harlow?

From time to time, the music industry churns out a young white rapper who manages to crack the Billboard 100 charts. Their talents may lie in lyricism, musicality, charisma or internet fame – becoming either industry mainstays or being dropped.

Jack Harlow is one of the latest embodiments of this figure, evidenced by his growing accolades and increasing support on social media. At a time when many are questioning the attractiveness of white men, discussing what constitutes “hotness” among hip-hop artists such as Harlow has become an ongoing debate topic.

1. This rap artist hasn’t changed much in appearance over time: His facial features remain unchanged and his hair still sports its signature sexy brown coils with moistened coils.

2. Harlow may seem unassuming at first glance, yet his masterful emceeing skills speak volumes. Harlow has been an integral part of Louisville, Kentucky’s hip-hop scene ever since he was a teenager; in 2015 he released the Handsome Harlow EP which created significant regional buzz. Since then his style has matured considerably by moving away from party-ready lyrics towards more thoughtful wordplay.

3. In 2020, Louisville-based artist Jon Corzine released his major-label debut That’s What They All Say and it topped the Billboard 200 and went platinum; however, no subsequent major hits followed from it.

4. He eventually signed with Atlantic Records subsidiary Generation Now and in 2018 released Loose, an album which introduced his lyrics to new audiences.

5. Kanye West gave him extra credibility with hardcore rap fans through his endorsement.

Kanye West listed Jack Harlow among his “top five rappers at the moment.” While it remains uncertain whether this has made an impactful difference for Harlow among hardcore rap fans, it certainly helped increase his visibility among mainstream hip-hop listeners.

6. Harlow has amassed an avid following on TikTok and Instagram since his debut single “What’s Poppin” went viral, becoming an internet phenomenon and propelling him forward onto streaming platforms such as TikTok, Spotify and even DJ Khaled’s “Kahlo” cut which increased his visibility among new audiences.

7. He’s booked a movie.

In March, 20th Century Fox announced that Jack Harlow had signed on as lead star of their remake of White Men Can’t Jump (1988). Although in production for some time now, this marks an incredible step in Harlow’s career path.

Harlow can often be found gracing events and performing on the side. He released his debut EP Sweet Action in 2020 before major-label debut That’s What They All Say in 2021 with its hit “What’s Poppin”, marking his entry into mainstream rap culture with his unique brand of mellow trap rap.

He then released two singles – Tyler Herro and Way Out – which made a return appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. While these songs didn’t quite match “What’s Poppin,” they did establish him as an emerging rap superstar worthy of DJ Khaled’s posse cuts, Fast & Furious soundtracks, as well as further strengthening his place within rap celebrity ecosystem.

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