Ivue Cars

iVue Cars – Driver Fatigue Alert System

The iVue driver fatigue system is designed to help drivers stay alert while driving. It uses a camera to detect the signs of drowsiness and alert the driver to their situation. It is powered by a cigarette lighter or 12v adapter. There is also an optional GPS Module available. When the system detects the driver’s fatigue, it will vibrate and sound an alert.

ivue driver fatigue system

The iVue Driver Fatigue System is a vehicle safety system that detects drowsiness and alerts drivers to dangerous driving conditions. It uses advanced algorithmics to detect drivers’ drowsiness and provides visual and auditory signals. This system has the potential to drastically reduce the number of accidents caused by driver fatigue.

This system monitors steering input patterns and detects when the driver is drowsy or inattentive. When it detects drowsiness or reduced attention, it sounds an audible chime or displays a message on the multi-information display. The system then prompts the driver to take a break.

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