Is Winter Williams Still Married To Kevin Williams

Is Winter Williams Still Married to Kevin Williams?

As she embarks on the first season of Love and Marriage DC, many have developed an interest in her personal life as well. Thus, they want to know about her divorce and where her ex-husband Kevin Williams currently resides.

Winter Williams Net Worth

As a TV personality, creator, and speaker, Winter Williams has earned her fans’ admiration and respect. She has authored 8 books and made multiple appearances on different talk shows; additionally, she runs her own mentorship community.

She is the founder and leader of a rapidly-growing mentorship & support community for women, while professionally consulting to entrepreneurs and women in business. An author, transformational speaker, entrepreneur, transition coach, media personality – she motivates her global audience with messages of hope & healing grounded in truth, wisdom, transparency, and authenticity.

Her messages about relationships rooted in truth, knowledge and compassion are highly motivating and have helped many people find the love they’ve been searching for. She encourages people to heal from past hurts, discover who they truly are and what kind of partner they desire so that they may find true fulfillment.

How Her Divorced Husband Is Handling Infidelity

Winter and Kevin’s relationship had become dysfunctional, so she decided to part ways in 2019. Unfortunately, her husband didn’t seem particularly interested in hearing about it and instead got involved with another woman.

After beginning to date his new mistress, he relocated to Coral Gables in 2021. He reportedly runs a barbershop and shares his home with Sharina Hudson.

In January 2020, the former couple’s marriage came to an end and they have a 22-year-old son, Kevin Jr. They cited irreconcilable differences as the cause of their separation.

According to Ayda Field, their sexual life was “obliterated” after having four children. Their bedroom became a shared sleeping area and there was no privacy in bed anymore, she said.

Additionally, she shared with Giovanna Fletcher on her podcast that she couldn’t recall the last time she went to bed with her husband Robbie Williams.

After her divorce, Winter has continued to promote healthy relationships through her media work. Her messages about relationships are based on truth, wisdom, honesty, compassion and humor – helping thousands around the world discover their true selves and what they need in a partner to get the love they desire. Furthermore, Winter advocates for an active lifestyle as she believes it is key to happiness.

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