Is Sean Sticks” Larkin Married

Sean Sticks Larkin

Sean Sticks Larkin is a retired police officer from Tulsa, Oklahoma best known as the host of the Emmy-winning A&E docuseries Live PD which focused on American policing. Additionally, he hosts Coptales with Law and Crime on his podcast to share his insight into law enforcement work.

Sean began his career as a police officer in 1997 and has been with the Tulsa Police Department ever since. Initially an intern, he then worked in the Gang Unit before progressing to sergeant. Additionally, during this period of employment with Tulsa PPD he served on other departments like narcotics and patrol.

After his retirement from the Tulsa Police Department, an old co-worker encouraged him to host a reality television show. In 2018, he joined the show for its unfiltered footage of police responding to calls shot from helicopter, dashboard cameras and body-worn cameras – making it one of the top reality shows in the industry with an avid fan base.

The retired police officer is an American by birth and was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has served the country with dedication for decades while also loving his family deeply and feeling immensely proud of them.

His mother was a homemaker and his father an officer, so he was raised in an intensely religious environment. Despite growing up under such strict guidance from both of their parents, he has become an exemplary man dedicated to service, hardwork and community involvement.

He loves traveling and swimming in his free time. Additionally, he spends quality time with family and friends.

He has two children, Alyssa and Patrick, born in August 2003 and March 2004, respectively. Now adults, both of them have their own families.

Sean married Tammy Jean Stocks in the 1990s. Despite their six year union, Sean’s grumpiness caused their union to crumble and she was eventually obliged to divorce him.

She was an incredible woman, a wonderful mother and wife. Not only was she an accomplished cook, but she took great care in raising her children. Furthermore, her support system for husbands was unsurpassed.

Her husband had an impressive career and served as a leader for the Tulsa Police Department. Additionally, he enjoyed playing football avidly.

In 2021, Larkin filed for divorce. However, his ex-wife opposed the proceedings for over six months, insisting she wasn’t guilty and just tired of his hectic schedule.

She shared many pictures with her ex-husband on social media platforms, including eating out and shopping. Additionally, she slept in his room and shared pictures with him online.

In addition to her professional endeavors, she has an intense love of the arts and an impressive talent in painting. Furthermore, her positive energy and charming personality have won her a large fan base on Instagram where she showcases her artworks and other creations.

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