Is Jason Blu Griffith Still In Jail

Is Jason Blu Still in Jail?

Debbie Flores Narvaez was an ambitious dancer in a Cirque du Soleil show who toiled hard to make ends meet. She established lasting friendships, participated in charitable work, and attempted to launch a music career – in addition to being an attentive daughter and sister. However, all this changed in December 2010 when Jason Griffith, known as Blu, strangled and dismembered Debbie after an argument – his roommate led police directly to her remains inside their vacant downtown home where they found them hidden within cement tubs within. He was charged with second degree murder as well as multiple charges related charges; currently serving out an 11 year to life prison sentence but eligible for parole after six years.

At Griffith’s trial, the jury heard a vivid account of their tempestuous relationship. Prosecutor Marc DiGiacomo presented them as being embroiled in multiple romances that degenerated into physical assaults and threats against one another; but his defense attorney Jeff Banks maintained they were only ever engaging in what could only be described as “Fatal Attraction-style romance”, never intending to kill her.

At trial, the jury heard 14 911 calls made by Griffith following domestic incidents with Debbie. According to the prosecutor, their relationship had a history of violence, property crimes and stalking; during one call she told him not to refer to her as a “snake.” Griffith’s roommate Louis Colombo testified that during an argument at their bungalow he grabbed Fantasy dancer Debbie by the neck after believing she was reaching for something in her purse that may contain weapons; later panicking he called police after losing control.

After Griffith’s death, Colombo took police to a bathtub filled with her dismembered body parts at Griffith’s house. He and Kalae Casorso had attempted to store the tub of cement at her Green Valley apartment because they thought it would be difficult to move; Casorso testified that she didn’t call police out of fear that what had happened could happen to her as well.

Case returned to Clark County District Court where judge refused to reduce his bail, leaving former Cirque du Soleil performer in jail along with others facing similar charges; 15 counts total were filed against him including assault, battery and possessing weapons on school grounds.

Blu’s mother expressed hope that he will soon be released from incarceration so he can spend more time with her and assist his younger brothers. His father is planning to retire soon so he can spend more time with his wife and children in Atlanta; he pledged his fight for Blu’s freedom, setting up a Facebook page dedicated to this cause and spreading word of it further.

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